Our  goal is to spread a positive mental approach in all aspects of life circumstances. We strongly believe with just 1 percent effort in any area over a period of time will amount to a large compound affect with great change.

Get 1 percent better each day for one year, you'll end up thirty-seven times better by the time you have accomplished.

Stride for Greatness and Excellence. 



The logo is designed in a way to tell a story of its own, so your not just wearing a brand but a story and a daily reminder to take small steps that will amount to large change!



From the left the logo starts from a small point that gradually expands which is an indication of over time progress change it may not be noticeable at the start. 


Where the logo cuts and splits represents the drastic change that has occurred and is recognisable by others around you and yourself. When you stick with a habit for a long period of time even though you may not be doing much eventually you work will produce fruits that will be recognised.


The half arrow shaped at the top is one sided that is similar to the number 1 symbol at the top. This design shows and reminds that you only need 1% effort to start making major changes in your life in any area that you are currently working on, and with enough time with the same small changes will result in drastic change in due time.